Timer switches are a great way to influence our behaviour and avoid the overuse of water and energy. When timer switches in place, we are more likely to accept it as the time in which we must complete the task at hand.

When at home, we tend to leave things running for longer than we need to. There are times when we turn on the shower while we quickly tend to something else before hopping in. We might leave the tap running while we brush our teeth, or let the clothes drier run overtime.

But when our time allowance is controlled, we become more efficient in our use of energy or water.

Whether coin or push-button operated, timer switches have many purposes. It is interesting to acknowledge what it does to our behaviour.

Timer switches can teach us a thing or two

When set appropriately, timer switches have the ability to teach the user about what is considered to be acceptable energy and water usage.

It might be something as small as the push-button tap in a public hand basin. They’re there for the purpose of water conservation and should offer plenty of time to wash our hands.

So do we really need to leave the tap running for so long when washing our hands at home?

Timer switches also have a positive influence on our consideration for others.

Campgrounds and leisure-related facilities are in their peak season during summer when there are often water shortages and fair use can only be obtained when there are controls in place. We are now in the season where a timer switch is becoming increasingly necessary in public areas. The weather is warmer and dryer and our need to conserve water is heightened during this time of year.

Imagine a campground with no timer switches. Would there ever be a shower available? And if there was, would there be any hot water left for you? Not to mention the excessive water consumption that would result.

Or in the case of the public barbeque, would users find it acceptable to use up the gas and prevent others from enjoying the facility?

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It’s about being fair to all and with electronic timers in place, we all have a responsibility to be considerate of others.

Coin operated timer switches offer an incentive to the user

Caring for the environment and generating income are two key reasons for installing coin operated timer switches. Users are responsible for paying the set amount to use the equipment which makes it easier for organisations and business to cover their costs. It’s also much easier for organisations and businesses to keep tabs on their own water usage when a control mechanism is in place.

The concept is simple: pop in a coin and enjoy the facility for a predetermined period of time. As simple as it may seem, coin timer switches can have a positive impact on the way we use energy and water.

Coin timer switches have a very personal effect on the user. Having to pay before you use the facility means users make a more conscious effort to complete the task in the time the facility allows. Coin timer switches come with a visible timer so users can see how much time they have left do what they need to do.

This is where our behaviour modifies and we become more efficient. After all, we mustn’t let that coin go to waste.

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Our resources are valuable, so let’s all do our bit

We all have a responsibility to conserve water and energy, but we tend to get carried away from time to time.

With time switches in place, we gain more accountability for our own consumption and have a better indication of what is both acceptable and fair – water and energy usage. We may use the timer-controlled facilities in public areas, but our behaviours can be adopted in our home life once we realise how efficient we can be under the restrictions of timer switches.

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Here at Electronic Timers we are passionate about conservation and valuing resources.

We consider timer switches to be a great way of teaching us limitations in water and energy usage.

Our products include both coin and push-button operated timer switches which are both easy to install and easy to use.

Start taking steps to a more sustainable future and install an electronic timer today.