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Electronic Timers recently converted a series of BBQ units in a campground to a coin timer operation. We thought this job was a great opportunity to share with you, what it is that we do and how it positively affects business operations.

So we put a couple of questions to Joe Smith from Out the Back Camping to find out what he thought about our service and whether or not he feels timers will have a positive and ongoing affect on his business.

What’s one of the major challenges you face as a camp ground owner?

One of our biggest areas of concern and where we have the biggest issue controlling usage is in our campground’s public BBQ’s. These units were being abused, left in a dirty state and at times just left going after people were finished cooking, which was  waste of gas and electricity.

As you can imagine when you are running a business, added and unnecessary costs like these can be huge and negatively impact on our ability to effectively run the grounds. If our costs are increasing or damage is occurring to the property then costs to repair and maintain the business have to come from somewhere.

sausages on bbq coin timer operation

Coin timer operation prevents resource wastage and saves my business money?

We engaged Electronic Timers Ltd to help us prevent resource wastage and this was achieved by converting to a coin timer operation.

They arrived onsite and installed a coin operated switching system to all our BBQ units. The public now go directly to the BBQ’s and insert their $2.00 coin and begin cooking.

Our former process had people coming to the office to collect the key to the gas bottle or switch cabinet.

As you can imagine, this process required people to be both conscious of their usage and safety, whereby they physically had to turn the units off and as history and past experience had shown us, unfortunately not all people were capable of doing this.

Now our units turn themselves off after a preset time which is one less issue for us to have to deal with and a safety issue that is no longer of concern. Also if the BBQ’s are left dirty we are now getting payment towards usage which, if needed can go towards cleaning these units.

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How has the coin timer operation system affected my business?

The BBQ’s are now being used far more regularly because the process is simpler and there is no need to come to the office to collect the key and return it.

This method had in the past meant people would have to wait if we were serving someone else in the office or if the key was currently out. It wasn’t an efficient or time effective system. However that is all a thing of the past. People go straight to the BBQ and begin cooking.

We have also noticed since the installation of the coin switches the BBQ’s appear to be better respected – gas or power cannot be left running and people are generally better at cleaning up after themselves, leaving the BBQ in a good state for the next people.

Put simply we now have reduced wastage of gas or electricity and public users of the BBQ units enjoy the no-key system.

It’s now a simple in and out process.

Liquid Propane Gas on coin timer operation

How was the service provided by Electronic Timers and did the installation affect business at all?

All in all we are very happy we employed Electronic Timers to carry out this conversion.

It was a no fuss process and didn’t affect the operation of our campgrounds in any way. The installation process was very quick, with no disturbance to our guests and the area was left clean and tidy. You can’t ask for more than that – a quick job, done well and nothing to clean up afterwards.

We are extremely happy that we decided to go with Electronic Timers for our resource saving methods and would encourage all camp ground owners or other businesses in a similar situation to do the same. Talk to Peter at Electronic Timers about having coin operated timers installed so that you can enjoy the savings to business operations and give a better level of service to your customers.

To get a similar level of service and savings to business operations give Electronic Timers a call and find out how we can help you.

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