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Coin operated timers are a valuable resource for any areas where the focus is to save money and water.

If we think for a moment about who would benefit most from coin operated timers, the answer soon becomes clear:  council run areas and facilities, camp grounds, holiday parks, certain businesses and basically any place where there is a high concentration of people or users, none of whom are responsible for the water rates, gas and power bills.

Camp grounds, parks and playgrounds save time and money with coin operated timers

Camp grounds, national parks and playgrounds are quintessentially summer’s hive of activity and often full to capacity. Within any well frequented camp ground there are masses of people, who come and go and use the facilities from the kitchen and toilets to the showers.

When there are a high number of people in any one area who use the facilities, there needs to be processes in place to regulate resource use. Preventing wastage and ballooning water, gas and electricity bills is something we all need to be aware of. This is where coin operated times come into their own and provide a valuable resource.

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While visitors to camp grounds, national parks and playgrounds do not purposefully go out to waste water and leave power running unnecessarily, there are many instances where wastage occurs due to bad habits, unattended children or simple absent mindedness.

To educate or to time, that is the question

Addressing this on a direct level can require hard work and take a long time. It involves educating people to the pitfalls of wastage, why water conservation is important and how to reduce waste.

If like most businesses or organisations – educating people on wastage is not your core business, then taking that route is not a viable option. Instead Electronic Timers is able to fill the gap in a different way – with timers that forgo the necessity of educating and instead restricts for the good of resource conservation.

Our products are designed to conserve specific resources – water, electricity and gas, which indirectly affects people’s usage habits by making them conform to limits. We also feel it necessary to reinforce for people why conservation is so important.

Top of the list of things to conserve is water.

elephant having a bath

If we only thought about it for a second we would realise quite quickly that water is one of our most precious resources. We all need water to survive, along with the economic aspect and the reliance our agriculture industry has on clean and plentiful water.

So where can you use a coin operated timer?

The question may (more fittingly be) where do you want to save money?

Coin operated electronic timers are ideal for applications like barbeque timing, showers, drinking taps, ovens, lights (indoor and outdoor), heating, car washes, commercial washers and driers, air conditioners – anywhere wastage can occur.

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In business – car washes, laundromats and much more

Timers are an integral part of many businesses.

In instances where the success and profit of the service you offer is dependent, in part on how long people use your appliances for, then timers are essential. Self service laundromats are a popular option for those who do not want the investment and running costs of a washing machine and dryer.

Self service car washes run along similar logic and require coin operated electronic timers to set out the cycle lengths and duration.

In business applications like these, timers are irreplaceable and the business model would simply not work without them.

To apply a similar method to restricting resource usage and maximising return in your business then give us a call, you may be surprised to find how many items and areas we can actually apply timers to.

Call us today to get business savings flowing tomorrow.