The Electronic Timers Story…

How and why a business is born, can be an interesting and worthwhile story to tell.

Sometimes for the simple reason that the idea or reason for beginning a business can resonate with others who may be thinking of doing something similar.

Or for the other simple and valid reason – to let our customers know where we’ve been and where we are headed to next…

Peter Christie

Who are we?

Life has a funny way of moving – one decision here, later affects decisions further down the track.

That is how Electronic Timers came to be.

The result of the New Zealand apprenticeship system, I had worked my entire life (except for a stint flying planes) in the Electrical industry.

Having run a successful Electrical Contracting company in Plamerston North and then another here in Whakatane that concentrated mainly on commercial work; has firmly embedded in our approach, a focus and delivery on meeting a vast range of electronic needs.

In 2010 we sold that business only to find another untapped opportunity…

On a job, I was asked to supply and install a coin-operated timer for a commercial clothes dryer. Having had some experience with the Abberfield units I proceeded to purchase one from the local Electrical wholesaler, only to find that this make and model would have to brought in from the manufacturer in Australia.

It’ is interesting how life puts opportunities in your path and presents gaps in the market that lead to business ideas. Quite simply, one client’s need opened my eyes to the potential country-wide benefits and a few days later I flew to Australia, had a meeting with the Managing Director of Abberfield Industries and secured the distributorship for New Zealand.


Electronic Timers is born

We now supply and distribute a wide range of timers and energy controllers right throughout New Zealand.

Our aim is to provide the very best service with the very best product.

Speed of delivery is a huge part of providing a great service and by my standards an essential part, so we have set up a New Zealand wide courier service for the fastest delivery to your door.


What are the benefits?

Time is money and usage is money;  especially where power, gas or water are concerned.

Fitting timers helps prevent wastage, save money and importantly saves the planet by conserving these valuable resources.

For their benefits, we have built relationships with and installed a variety of meters and units for: local and regional councils, holiday parks and anywhere conservation, reducing costs or limiting excessive usage is a necessity.

Our story of business beginnings has seen earlier life decisions affect and influence where we are now. Electronic Timers is a business venture we are proud to bring to New Zealand and leads off my own personal thoughts on conservation, of valuing resources and my understanding of the importance of reducing operational costs in business.

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