Electronic Timers Ltd guarantee these units in accordance with the conditions below, for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase.

This unit has been thoroughly inspected and tested prior to leaving the factory. During the first twelve months of operation, Electronic Timers Ltd will supply or repair, free of charge, any part returned to us, freight paid, which bears unmistakable evidence of faulty workmanship or materials during manufacture.

Electronic Timers Ltd will not, however, assume liability for any repairs or alterations made by the purchaser without our consent or through general wear and tear.

Electronic Timers Ltd reserves the right to make a decision that is final.

In the case of claims under this warranty, contact in first instance the distributor from whom the machine was purchased.

The warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

Return to Electronic Timers Ltd immediately a copy of the original purchase invoice, as otherwise you will lose the right to make a claim under warranty.