Time Based Water Dispensing WDT1000

Time Based Water Dispensing WDT1000




  • Showers (caravan parks and swimming pools)
  • Abattoir truck wash down
  • Car engine bay steam clean
  • Controlled tanker filling
  • Boat ramp wash down facilities
  • Recreational vehicle water tank filling in caravan parks
  • Race horse wash down


  • Coin or token operated
  • Marine grade stainless steel painted Hawthorn green
  • Weather protected
  • Full length internal hinged door
  • Ten point double acting locking system
  • Mortice lock
  • Controller bypass key
  • 25 mm pipe size
  • Solenoid valve (electric water tap)
  • Water flow impulse meter
  • 240 V or 12 V operation
  • Suitable vandal resistant housing


  • Water volume based (preset cost per litre) suits recreation vehicle and tanker filling
  • Time based (pre set cost for time of use) suits boat ramp wash down, abattoir truck wash, horse stud washing etc.
  • Solar powered
  • 40 mm pipe size
  • Single or dual outlet
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