Security Touch Panel PBC60 for Push Button Shower Control

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Optional security vandal proof touch panel.

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Product Description

This control device was developed to monitor hot showers and minimise excess use of this facility – it can be applied to barbecues or other applications. Control is simple and requires the user to press a touch panel, allowing hot water to flow for a  pre-determined period. Warning of water disconnection can be given by a buzzer 30 seconds before end of period. The controller is out of reach and connects to low profile vandal proof touch panel.

Security Touch Panel PBC60


  • Barbecues
  • showers
  • heaters
  • flood lighting
  • air conditioning
  • washing machines
  • clothes dryers  etc.


  • Electronic
  • Mains voltage (double insulated)
  • 12 volts A.C
  • 12 volt battery
  • Time “on” and “off” can be set independently (6 seconds to 100 minutes)
  • 75mm high
  • 120mm wide
  • 10mm deep
  • Pre-warning can be set to sound 30 seconds before the end of time period.


Press the button and hot water flows to the shower, after a pre-set period the hot water turns off. Pressing the button again will not re-connect the hot water until after the pre-set “off” time expires. Only after this time is it possible to press the button again to restart the hot water.

“On” and “off” times are adjustable by the owner, not the user.  This operation allows normal showering but discourages excessive water use by the momentary loss of hot water. Once the user leaves the shower, dries off and changes, the “off” time will have expired and normal operation is available for the next person.

The control unit should be mounted outside the shower cubical and controls a solenoid valve (electric water tap) mounted in the hot water supply line.

Alternatively the solenoid valve can be fitted to control both hot and cold water.

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