Coin Timer Switch CT22P

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This is a standard electronic coin timer switch and can be used for any application that needs coin or token operated time switching. It includes many applications like heaters, showers, vehicle wash, flood lighting air conditioning, solariums, barbecues, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. It has an open construction for fitting into a separate housing or cabinet.


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Product Description

Coin Timer Switch CT22P


  • Accepts 5, 10,20, 50 cents, $1 and $2 coins
  • Adjustable minimum charge to start timer
  • Coin on a string protection Accurately checks coins for metal type as well as dimensions
  • Time period dependent on coins inserted
  • In-built time remaining display
  • Double insulated
  • 10 amp switching
  • Dual input voltage 240 V and 12 V
  • Pre-warning of power disconnection
  • Dual output circuits
  • Accepts various programmes to suit specific applications


  • Coin counter
  • Time remaining display
  • Token operation
  • Free standing housing
  • Coin box and housing
  • Panel mount
  • High security units


  • Surface mount housing with cash box
  • High security through wall housing with decorative fascia

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Accepts all coin denominations

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